Rainy Days

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
I love Rain.I love Rainy Days.

Rainy Days make me want to:

Stay home.

Light the fire.

Snuggle under a quilt,

With a good movie,

Some handwork,

And good coffee.

My kids love rainy days because it feeds the dramatic side of their natures, and they pretend that we're in the middle of a hurricane/cyclone/tornado/tsunami - take your pick. Rainy days make them want to dress up like this,

with underwear on their heads, and go outside and build campsites and tunnels in the dirt mound.

They get it from their father.


Leanne said...


I was looking and thinking is that undies??? - Only a mother would pick it I think.

And yes I agree my kids quirky ways are from their father too

Glad I wasn't drinking my coffee when I was reading this.

Keep warm & dry

Love Leanne

Clara said...

LOL!!!!! I love rainy days too - you must have sent the rain over here because it started in the night and we are *basking* in it! It is so dry around here that the grass in the park next to our house had turned completely brown!! Rainy days makes me want to stay home and read books or knit :)

Anonymous said...

I love rainy days too - don't love it when the kids are out driving in it though.

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