The First Sign of Ageing

Friday, May 7, 2010
I think I'm an aggressive driver. After all, I learned to drive a car by going round and round the Panmure Roundabout in Auckland! And Auckland driving is a different beast to the other parts of the country. Although I have to note here, that Auckland is no where near as bad as downtown Jakarta, or Bangkok!
Motorbike mania and Tuktuk Terror!
On Thursdays I have to drive to the other side of the city. It takes us 45 minutes of aggressive driving to get there in that time, and we always only just make it with a minute here or there either side of our deadline. I always take the back route. It skirts around the outside of Christchurch and passes by the airport. I think it is mostly used by trucks - it used to be called the 'truck route', but the locals have cottoned onto the idea too.
The speed limit is 80kms instead of 50kms and there are mostly two-laned roundabouts, which is perfect for me, because I use them as my chance to get past the slow trucks. Because of Panmure, I am not afraid of roundabouts.
Perhaps it is just a sign of immaturity on my part that I get a thrill out of beating big, burly truck drivers at their own game. Sometimes I let the men pass me though. Afterall - men have egos when it comes to driving.

I confess, I think I would have been a boy-racer if I had been born a boy.

Yesterday I found myself wedged between two great big trucks going at speed (me too), and I was not afraid.
Older members of my family have commented to me before about driving on the motorway next to trucks and how they hate it, feel like they're about to die and avoid it if at all possible. So I will know that I am getting old when I become afraid of driving next to trucks on the motorway.

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Cate said...

I know what you mean. When you have survived Panmure, roundabouts mean nothing :-)

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