Red Shoes for Alice

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
There's pretty much only three children's clothing stores to buy from in New Zealand. That is, for the middle class. Pumpkin Patch, JK and Farmers. I want my kids to be well dressed, respectable, cute and pretty, but I can't afford $80 onesies, and $90 designer dresses, and you can forget about the $150 leather shoes. As for the cheaper clothing, it's really a false economy when the $12 cotton tops start looking old and out of shape after the first wash, or the sleeves are longer than their arms, but the bodice length is too short.

Anyway, yesterday I had a chance to go and do some shopping. By. Myself. Because my husband took the day off from work. I had a lot of errands to run, and also had a $20 voucher to spend at Pumpkin Patch.

I had to get some jeans for my boy - don't get me started on the quality of jeans. But as I wandered down to the boys section of the store I happened to pass these adorable, little, red, Mary Jane shoes. The price tag on them could have been $150 and I would have ignored it. They are so sweet! They were the last pair in Alice's size, and they were on sale. I was totally sucked in by colour and cutesiness and marketing. I wanted them. I needed them.
I really did!

I love them because they're Mary Jane's, and they are red. Happiness.


momentsofwhimsy said...

They ARE cute! I used to love Pumpkin Patch clothes when my kids were little, and would wait anxiously for the sales. When you are up here next, you need to pop out to Dressmart at Onehunga where they have the PP outlet store - prices are far cheaper there!

bettyl said...

I know what you mean about quality. Don't get me started....but, I'm glad you found something you wanted.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are now one of my NZ Shiny Objects!

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