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Tuesday, April 6, 2010
One of the things I love about having family and friends to stay, is that you usually make the effort to go to places that you normally wouldn't go to in everyday life, and do things that you normally wouldn't do in everyday life.

Even though I live less than 20 minutes away from celebrity chef, Jo Seagar;  I have only visited her most excellent cafe three times.

The first time I enjoyed coffee with my niece while we tried not to feel guilty about not buying food.
The second time was with my cousin for coffee, and we were put in the bar area, when we really wanted to play ladies in the cafe area. And we tried not to feel guilty about not buying food.

The third time, last week - was with my brother and sister in law (my husband's oldest brother), who were staying with us from the North Island and this time we did it in style. A table for 7 is not easily come by at a moment's notice, but one was found, and we were seated, and my most excellent brother-in-law ordered these delectable treats for us to enjoy with our most excellent coffee.

If you have an observant eye, you might have noticed the plastic food behind the tiered plate in the form of a very orange, stiff-looking pizza... or is it a quiche? My younger children played 'restaurants' while we waited for our food, and dodged waitresses as they ran/skipped/walked from the back of the cafe where we were sitting, to the front, where the plastic food was placed for the use of all children.

We played along and enjoyed the food and the coffee.

The children's eyes almost popped out when they were served these drinks. It's more chocolate than I ever allow them to have at one sitting. Does that make me mean?

My eldest son and his uncle. The two H R's.

Going to Jo's and having such a nice family time with such nice food and coffee and chats and laughs and happy memories has inspired me to get out my own tiered cake plate - one that I treasure because it belonged to my late mother-in-law who I never got to meet. I love having these things that belonged to her - I should use them more often.


Anonymous said...

Wow - just doesn't pretty presentation give sandwiches a whole new spin?

Love your tiered plate. I remember that my grandmother had one of them too - I think my mother has it.


Heather L. said...

What fun!!!!! Exactly what I would have loved! I so enjoyed all the pictures.

Couldn't believe your cake plate because I have a biscuit plate with the EXACT blackberry pattern on it, minus the gold pattern behind it. Perhaps it is the same company.....

Diane N. said...

Hi Rachel,

I found your blog! Your photos are stunning.

My mother-in-law had also passed away long before I met my husband. We have some of her things, too. It is special. I use her iron skillet almost every day & feel a little more connected.

Rachel said...

Hi Diane!
It's so great to hear from you again! I'm glad you found me. How are you? Can you email me sometime - I'd love to catch up.

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