Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I aim to send out Christmas cards at least every 2 years, and if I get it done every year.... well, that's a bonus.

In late October we were sitting around one weekend morning, and it was a glorious day outside. One of those perfect Spring days with no wind and only sunshine and the trees with their fresh Spring covering and the lovely new grass and flowers just starting to bloom, and Rob and I looked at each other and both said, 'let's do the family photo shoot this afteroon."

It's never an easy thing to get four children all smiling and cooperating at the same time, and believe me at the end of this, we had some grumpy faces!

But we went up to Rob's brother's place to take the pictures. They have a beautiful garden, and we were looking after their elderly cat, Jag, while they were away overseas.

For the family photo shoot, I put the camera on the timer. All the kids wanted to have a go at pushing the timer button and running back to lie on the grass with the rest of us. We did laugh so hard quite often - and this photo is actually my favourite of all the pictures I took that day...

"Hello Jag!"

I also took the opportunity to take individual photos of the children.

And because you've seen Alice's photos in this post, here is a candid shot of her.

And here she is reading the Farmers Toy Catalogue...

From the individual shots, we moved on to a few group shots - but that's when everyone started getting grumpy.  Still, they did quite well, I think.

This was a bad-lighting failure photo, so I put a special edit on it, and now I love it.

And this is the family group shot we eventually chose - the one that was the closest to having everyone with decent smiles on their faces... (I couldn't resist putting a little edit on this bloggy version).

Once it was all done, we came home, and then tried to find a card format. There is so much to choose from. My favourite sites are and We actually went with shutterfly in the end, but we had fun choosing. Here are some of our finalist choices...

And this is the card we went with!


MandaBurms FarmStay for Cats. said...

We loved your card! so much so that I wanna steal your idea! I'm off to look into it. Loved seeing the card in the making.
Love Leanne

southseaislandhome said...

Go for it, Leanne. It's so much fun!

betty-NZ said...

Great job and not a grumpy face in sight! I do like your final selection, but the cat was fun!

Roz said...

Oh these are so precious. You are such an inspiration - I hope you have a wonderful, fun run up to Christmas.

octabis said...

Awsome pictures and card. You've got such a lovely family.
Enjoy your christmas and time with loved ones.
Hugs from France

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