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A meme for Mondays.

There are so many moments in life where something, a song, a smell, a sound, a photo, a phrase, a person, an object will trigger off a memory from your past. This happens to me quite often.

I have two great loves in my life. Writing and History. I looked around on the world wide web for a meme that combined these two things, but if I found any they were all old and not going anymore, so I've decided to make my own, even just for the discipline of writing something true once a week.
When I was at University many years ago, one of my lecturers told me that my greatest writing weakness was writing facts creatively. I was much better at pure fiction. I have also learned that creative factual writing is one of the best disciplines for a writer. Can't remember where I heard that, but I'm going to believe it!

So, this meme is once a week, has a word prompt, and a word limit of 500.

Every Friday night, I will post the prompt here, and every Monday I'll write my 500 word memoir. I'm starting this for myself, but if this is your kind of thing too, it would be fun to have you join in with me.

January 17: this week's theme…. 'Newspaper'

I'll figure out the link thingy sometime too.
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